Travel Guide: Visiting the Small Country of Luxembourg

Luxembourg: A Tiny Place with Amazing Attractions

There are about 50 countries in Europe. Surprisingly, people rarely think of Luxembourg. Many travelers usually forget it. Some voyagers imagine that nothing is interesting about the smallest country in Europe. That is not the case! Despite being landmarked, it’s surrounded by three vibrant countries; Germany, Belgium, and France. How about that?

I’m a frequent traveler, and this country is among my favorite destinations. I can confidently say that it’s an exciting place to visit. If you love traveling like me, the experience over there will mesmerize you.

11 Fascinating Fun Facts to Know About Visiting Luxembourg

So, you already know that Luxembourg is a petite country. What could you possibly enjoy there? First of all, as a fact trivia, it is the only Grand-Duchy in the universe. This means that its ruler is a Grand-Duke. What a unique governing system! Without further ado, below are the eleven motivating things you should know beforehand when visiting Luxembourg.

The Small Size Is an Advantage

The beauty with small areas is that it gives you room to do many things and visit numerous places within the shortest time. Imagine it could take you just under 3 hours to drive from North to South!

Its Population

As a tiny State, the population is fairly distributed. Most of the residents are immigrants from other European countries like Portugal, France, Italy, Germany, and France. From corner to corner, you will encounter a lot of Portuguese speakers. They form the largest immigrant groups in the country.

Multi-Cultural Diversity

There is plenty of cultural diversity because different nationalities are represented in Luxembourg. Also, there are a few Africans and Asians in different regions. Outlandishly, Arabs or people from the middle east are scarce to meet.

The Weather

The climate varies with seasons in many parts of Europe. Thus, if you visit there during winter, you will experience cold temperatures. During the Summer, there’s a fairly moderate temperature. For the rainy period, perhaps you could get warm clothes, umbrellas, raincoats, and any other attire for this period. I would advise that you visit the place between May and August.

How Do People Communicate?

Before you travel, look get a dictionary to assist you in translating Luxembourgish to English. Don’t be mistaken though. It’s not the only language that is used in the country. Amazingly, three official languages are widely used by the inhabitants; Luxembourgish, German, and French. Luxembourgish is almost similar to but German, with slight differences. It’s more of a German dialect. This is special because it makes the region a trilingual State. Most Luxembourgers can naturally change and fluently speak any of the three languages. English is also understood and spoken by foreigners, so you need to worry about the language barrier.

Greeting Tradition

Luxembourgers greet by giving one another three kisses. One, two, three! It sounds weird, but it’s like a tradition.

No Mountains to Climb Just Hills!

When I say this, I don’t mean that the terrain is plain and smooth. Luxembourg may not have any real mountain, but it has beautiful hills. One of the great hills to climb is the route going to Vianden castle.

Road Trip to the Neighboring States

You can be employed in Luxembourg but live in Belgium, France, or Germany. It’s a driving distance from Luxembourg to the three countries. Besides, there is plenty of cross-border trips for the working class within the regions. If you love road trips, you can drive yourself to the three bordering countries and come back on the same day.

A Clean Environment

Luxembourg presents a serene environment with very clean and refreshing air. Try looking for a cleaner city or country! I haven’t seen any. Luxembourg is extremely clean! So, good luck looking.


Traveling there is very safe. It’s probably among the safest countries in the world. That said, you shouldn’t recklessly expose yourself even as a tourist. Though, you have nothing to worry about.

Interesting City

Luxembourg city is very populous and interesting. It possesses an appealing vibe with very modern buildings. The beautiful places to visit include:

  • The Notre Dame Cathedral
  • The Moselle river banks
  • The Bock Casemates
  • Vianden Castle
  • Chairlift in Vianden

There is much more that goes on in Luxembourg. Did I mention that the visa application is very flexible, and if you’re an EU passport holder, you can walk in and out of the country as you wish? Well, get ready and visit this tiny but amazing country!