A Short Brief Description about Auschwitz and Auschwitz Tour


Auschwitz, a group of concentration camp was designed and made by Germans during the second World War, and is situated outside the city of Oswiecim about 60 kms away from Krakow. In 1979, this site was included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage, and has remained a sight of cultural as well as historical importance for several years. This place became a symbol of genocide, where thousands of people where executed by the order of Adolf Hitler. Currently more than 21.5 million tourists and visitors come to Oswiecim to see the Auschwitz. This place has visited by over 30 million people till now.

About concentration camps:

This concentration camp is the mainly divided in three parts that are Auschwitz 1,  (Birkenau) and Auschwitz 3 (consisted almost 40 sub camps). It a must visit place for tourists, and features the military barracks, lots of pictures and items that will brightly present the meandering incidents during the world war II. There is a museum in Auschwitz 1, where tourists and travelers can see short film about the place. In the Auschwitz 2, which is also known as Birkenau, tourists will see the old barracks, prison structures and entrance gate. There are ruins of the five gas chambers as well.

Tour to Auschwitz:

There are lots of options or choices to visit this amazing place or concentration camp, whether people can take an organized tour by a tourist agency or can plan themselves.

Do you know it takes only 1 or 2 hours to explore

Auschwitz proper? Birkenau, which is also called Auschwitz II, is another must visit site, both Auschwitz I and II, open to visitors from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. But, they open 8 a.m to till 6 p.m in the months of May, June July and August, till 5 p.m in April, September and October, till 4 p.m in October, till 4 p.m. in March and November, till 3 p.m in December to February. However, remain closed in January 1, December 25, and Easter Sunday.

If you decide to visit that place independently or go independent, then taking the bus is the best idea. The train is another good way to go there, and both the bus and train stations in Krakow are very close to each other. However, the Oswiecim train station is about 2 km far away from the museum, which is located in Auschwitz 1 while buses take you very close to the museum.

Travel to Auschwitz with family and kids cannot be completely cozier. For large group of people, we recommend that take organized Auschwitz tours. Important things you must consider while taking an organized tour that are the cost of the tour and how much time you have to explore the Auschwitz camp. Besides, also note which places are included in the package and which are not. Remember, if you are comfortable with a planned tour, then there uncounted option available for you.